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           Catherine Jacobs
Author/Illustrator/Teaching Artist
Yellow Noodles- Water color portrait
Jump for Joy- digital painting- Procreate.
Jesus Loves Little Children- Digital painting- Photoshop.
Sweet as Honey- Digital painting in Photoshop
"Ready Pull"- Watercolor
"Winter Playground"- Watercolor paintings collaged in Photoshop.
"First Starry Night"- Watercolor and Digital mixed.
I Give Donkey!- Watercolor
Dino Draw- Watercolor
Happy Springer- Digital painting in Photoshop.
"Embrybuddy" Character study- Watercolor
Mittens cover- Watercolor and digital
"Coming out of the woods together" Watercolor Paintings edited in Photoshop.
2-d Color Watercolor and digital Paintings
3-D Traditional  hand sculpted clay and mixed media accessories
Life size clay portrait of a baby at 20 weeks of life-Clay sculpt in my husbands hands
Nativity- clay and mixed media
Stable animals watch- clay and mixed media
Bunny Hop cover color image- clay and photo - photoshop collage
Goldie Locks story- clay and mixed media.
Fox hole- porcelain
Good News Angels- clay and mixed media
Neighborhood Children- clay and mixed media
Faith on the run front- clay and mixed media
Faith on the run profile- clay and mixed media
Mery Jumper- clay and watercolor
Unicorn- clay sculpt on a wood base
Baby Jesus and lamb-Clay and mixed media
Mary and Joseph travel to Bethlehem-
Clay and mixed media
Mary and Joseph Rest- Mixed Media
Wooley Mammoths are hard to bath!
Clay and mixed media