Catherine Jacobs
Author/Illustrator/Teaching Artist/
Pro-Life Speaker/Presenter/ Maker/ Artist/ Retired Elementary Art Teacher/ Wife/ Mother 
Rollicking You Grew- 
500 word Funny informational Picture Book 
written and illustrated by Catherine Jacobs

Picture book- Baby You Grew- Working Title
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​Rollicking You Grew
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Fun, Life affirming, biblical based products for Pro-Life Families, Grandparents, Churches and Groups.

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Rollicking, kicking, flipping, humor shows and tells how babies grow before they are born. 

Written and illustrated by author/illustrator, Christian mother, of four, who survived two high-risk, life-threatening pregnancies.

For families with curious children who like to laugh.
Connects to Jesus's birth. 

Soft pastels radiate the warmth of the womb, wrapping readers with the wonder of God's plan for 
His precious pre-born children. 

Laugh along as you learn the funny things babies can do before they are born. 
By Catherine Jacobs