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Catherine writes and illustrates stories for children.

*Married- with four adult children, living in upstate, NY with her husband and three indoor rescue cats and, "Indy Bob" a kitten that followed us home.

*Education- Masters Degrees in Art Ed. and Elementary Ed.
Just retired from teaching Art for 34 years.

*Life Long Learner in Graphic Design/Illustration/Writing for Children. 

*Member - www.scbwi.org since 2011
Has sold International Award Winning original sculptures online since 2000. www.godslittleones.com.

*Working in Watercolor, Pastels, Digital, Three-Dimensional Traditional, and Mixed Media.

*Christian- Desires to use her talents to further the gospel and explore her art as a form of worship and glory to God, "The Greatest Designer". 

* Published: Illustrations for www.timeofsinging.com published by Wind and Water press Volume 47  Summer 2020. 
Cover illustration, pages 7, 11, 15, 18, 19, 21, 28, 31

* Published: Article   "Crafty as a Fox" A step by step guide to drawing a fox.
July 2020 page 11 Club House Magazine Adventures in Team work

"Catalog Page from a cottage miniature Business I had selling World Wide before the World Wide Web. Page 1
Page two of the Kitty's Kreation's catalog.
Life size portrait sculpture of a real baby born at 20 weeks of life, 22 weeks of pregnancy. My goal is to sculpt all forty weeks of pregnancy so you can hold the beauty of life in the palm of your hands.
www.godslittleone.com, www.miraclebabydolls.com
Portrait of a baby born at 25 weeks of pregnancy, 23 weeks of life. This is an illustration from a page in a children's book I have written and illustrated that is pre-published at this time.
Yellow cat in a hat I painted this original character on a piece of wood 7"x5" at the age of 15. At the time I was taking a high school class in cartooning. I also created miniature animals and portraits of friends and family in clay to sell to make money to buy art supplies.
         Catherine Jacobs
Author/Illustrator/Teaching Artist
           [email protected]