Catherine Jacobs:

*Writes and illustrates stories for children, and creates fun life affirming products for families to affirm their love to each other, Jesus and others.

*Catherine Jacobs is married, with four adult children, living in upstate, NY with her husband and three indoor rescue cats including, "Indy Bob" a kitten that followed her home.

*Education- Masters Degrees in Art Ed. and Elementary Ed.
Retired from teaching Art for 34 years.

*Catherine Jacobs is a Life Long Learner in Graphic Design/Illustration/Writing for Children. 

*Member - since 2011
Catherine Jacobs has won awards in International Doll Competitions.

She has sold original life size portrait sculptures online since 2000. These sculptures are in private collections, used for medical research, pro-life education, grief therapy, teaching kangaroo care and prenatal education to the public and in jury cases to prove the development of the preterm child. They have been sold to educators in a third world country, Canada and U.S.A., They have sold in catalogs and online for over 20 years at and

​* Following two hand surgeries Catherine is working in two dimensions while she regains her hand strength.

*Catherine is working in watercolor, pastels, digital, three-dimensional traditional, and mixed media. Her mural work is on display in local schools, private homes, businesses, and even under a railroad bridge.

*Christian- She desires to use her talents to further the gospel and explore her art as a form of worship and glory to God, "The Greatest Designer". 

Illustrations for published by Wind and Water press Volume 47 Summer 2020. Cover illustration, pages 7, 11, 15, 18, 19, 21, 28, 31
Volume 48 Spring 2021 Cover, page 6, 9,14,15,19,23,28,34,39
Volume 48 Winter 2021 Cover, page 1,7,8,9,15,24,27,29,37,40

Published: Article "Crafty as a Fox" A step by step guide to drawing a fox.
July 2020 page 11 Club House Magazine Adventures in Team work
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Fun, Life affirming, biblical based products for Pro-Life Families, Grandparents, Churches and Groups.
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