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Author/Illustrator/Catherine Jacobs

We Site ReDo

by Catherine Jacobs on 06/12/20

Dear Viewers:

How do you like the my new improvements for my web site?

Hope to be adding a products page soon.

What would you like to see me offer?

Submissions for Spring Fever Conference in Syracuse NY March 23,24, 2019

by Catherine Jacobs on 03/03/19

Terribly tickly tummy!
Double page spread assignmentWooly Squirts
Double page spread assignment

Three images from a story assigned to illustrate. I had so much fun I made more than one image! Will try to add a few more if I get time.

New year, new sculpts and more scbwi conferences!

by Catherine Jacobs on 02/22/19

Experimenting with new lights. Taking Business of art courses and online courses in illustration with Mark Mitchell. How to be a children's book illustrator

Sculpting, sewing, and excercising my creative muscles. 
Looking forward to Spring Fever scbwi conference near Syracuse in March!

Writer's Conference 2014

by Catherine Jacobs on 07/29/14

Tomorrow I am heading for the Conference. Pray for me. Taking two books down, hunting for a publisher.

Summer work

by Catherine Jacobs on 07/28/13

I've been drawing this summer and adding a few color images done in Photoshop.

I am searching for a publisher and or an agent to help me find one. 
Please keep me in your prayers.