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Catherine Jacobs is a author/Illustrator, presenter, teaching artist, lover of nature and all things that grow, especially children.

She is a mother of four grown children, Retired elementary art teacher retired after 34 years working with students pre-grade 6.

Currently she is a substitute teacher for three local elementary schools and loves it. 

In her free time she is illustrating for and about children.

Catherine loves to draw, paint, sculpt, and work with children. 

If you would like to work with her for a workshop or school visit, give her a call and let her know what you had in mind. Together we can plan a great virtual or in person public or home school group visit. 

Subjects she can help you with.

Art- Pick-An-Artist
and learn to work in his or her style, 

Integration Station-
 Pick your subject that you would like Catherine to integrate into an art lesson. She is used to integrating art standards with other subject matters. 

Pick a Media
Catherine has worked with students in Acrylics, pencil, pen, collage, marker, pastels, colored pencils, origami, clay, recycled materials, mixed media, and digital art.

She can work in many styles; 
cartooning, realistic, abstract, illustrative styles in 2d and 3d materials. 
see her portfolio for samples.  

Author /Illustrator Projects
Make a book Dummy for kids,
​Make a mini Origami Book

Contact Catherine for pricing and details. 

​She is willing to work with you to create a energetic, exciting learning experience for your group. 

Traveling experiences will need to be covered and payment received no later that one week before she leaves her house to come to your event. 

She lives in upstate NY.USA